People’s Plants: Riley Chervinski

Riley Chervinski, 25, and her roommates Ali and Jess have accumulated almost 40 plants in their new space. They recently moved into a house in South Osborne, and Riley says that Ali is actually the resident plant expert.




“I’m definitely for them, I’m just not as good at caring for them, like I don’t know their individual needs or anything,” says Riley. “That’s why it’s nice having her filling the house with plants and me just getting to enjoy it.”




Riley does, however, have a talent for sourcing plants. Last month, she discovered a family selling all their plants on Kijiji. The mom and daughter were moving back to South Korea. This kettle and plant were one of those finds, and Riley said she got 12 total for $100, including the pots.

“I kinda like the idea that someone else has already had it and potted it and loved it.”




This orchid was a gift from Ali’s mom. Riley said it had zero flowers when they received it, but now has been thriving in their south-facing window.

“We just feed it an ice-cube or two every couple of days,” says Riley.




This orchid also has some wavy green tentacles that Riley is unsure about. They are long and kind of gross looking compared to the rest of this pretty flower. Orchid Bliss says that these are actually areal roots, which aid in photosynthesis, absorb water and nutrients from the air, and assist orchids when the want to affix themselves to a host.

Orchid Bliss says, “it may be tempting to cut of aerial roots because they don’t fit into our idea of what a beautiful orchid should look like. Resist,” which is a fitting comment to my reaction to these areal roots. But it definitely makes me appreciate this orchid a bit more.




This sweet collection of air pants is yet another element in this plant haven. Ali got them from Verde, and the containers from Target.

The next project for these plant lovers is to transfer some plants into their sun/mud room in the spring and summer. Riley says their roommate Jess is pumped, because he thinks there are too many plants in their home.


Happy Planting.


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